Our Food Is Famous!

From biscuits and gravy to roast beef and mashed potatoes, Rock Springs offers a variety of meals for all guests that will keep you coming back. Ask any of our campers about our chicken strips!

During 4-H camp season our meals are served family-style. Just as the 4-H youth development program’s mission is to empower youth with skills to lead for a lifetime, family-style promotes the practice of using table manners, such as please, thank you, and other courtesies, as well as patience! Serving family style also encourages healthy living as it creates an opportunity for kids to choose which foods to eat and the amount which works for their bodies.

Rock Springs Ranch - Our Food is Famous Photo
Rock Springs Ranch - Delicious & Nutritious Photo

Delicious & Nutritious

Throughout the rest of the year, we offer a self-serve buffet for our guests. A robust salad bar and dessert is offered with lunch and dinner meals. Our famous homemade rolls are featured with most dinner meals!

Our full service kitchen and friendly staff can prepare quality meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner and ensure a great dining experience. Specialized group menus or serving options are also available; please ask our reservations team for details.

Catered To Your Needs

Our goal is to provide delicious and nutritious meals for every guest. We understand that many of our guests have specific dietary needs and we strive to plan our menus accordingly. Providing specialty diets due to food allergies, medical needs or religious restrictions are a top priority for our food service team; we want all of our guests to enjoy their meals at Rock Springs. We’re also happy to accommodate some of the more common lifestyle dietary choices which are also included on our “Special Dietary Request” form*.

Rock Springs Ranch - Catered To Your Needs Photo
*For Campers with food allergies, please note that we do not have a kitchen dedicated to producing allergen-free meals; we simply cannot claim to have a facility free of any identified allergen such as “gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, or egg-free” for example.