Age Groups

Rock Springs Ranch Camp Programming

We have grouped our campers according to rising grade level (the grade they will enter after summer). The Programs and Activities at RSR are specific to each group and incorporate one or more of the Centers of Excellence while at the same time encouraging a fun and relaxed learning environment.


Ages 8-10 (Rising 3rd-5th graders)

Our youngest campers will work on gaining their independence, making new friends and discovering the larger world around them. While at camp they will enjoy archery, swimming, intro to horses, BBs, corcls, our giant swing and many more fun activities! This group will also have the highest staff to camper ratios. 


Ages 11-13 (Rising 6th-8th graders)

This group has greater access to activities and will spend time with more campers in their age group and work on skills development. Activities include aerial archery, swimming, horses, rifles, canoes, climbing wall and more! 


Ages 14-17 (Rising 9th-12th graders)

The oldest group in our “traditional” camp. Adventurers spend most of their time at activities they choose along with other campers in their group. Activities are at the top tier of RSR offerings including 3D archery, swimming, horses, trap shooting, kayaks, high ropes
and zipline. 

L.I.T. Leaders-in-Training 

Ages 15-16 (Rising HS sophomores&  juniors) 

This program focuses on leadership and community development programming along with a service project. Each session will be a mix of hands-on leadership training with counselor/mentors, along with peer group training sessions on skills that are relatable to leadership experiences in the future. They will have opportunities to practice these skills to become a confident and reliable leader. Counselor/mentors will deliver feedback, encouragement and put them on the path to success. There will also be time to just relax, make new friends and enjoy other camp activities. This is an excellent progression if a camper thinks they may want to advance to CIT or join RSR staff in the future.

C.I.T. Counselors-in-Training 

Ages 16-17 (Rising HS seniors) 

Teens ages 16 to 17-year, especially rising 12th Graders, come to camp as part of our new Counselor in Training (C.I.T.) Camp. They will be given responsibility over a group of younger campers from breakfast to bedtime. These teens will receive camper care training and counselor experience, but they will also have “camp” time with their peers built into each day. 

The C.I.T. program is a fun and wonderful way to explore what it means to be a beginning leader and a mentor and is a good fit for young people who may want to explore a career in education, early childhood care or other related fields. The program also covers important skills such as learning how to give and receive feedback, set and achieve goals, resolve conflict, plan and lead activities and build confidence. Time in this program also looks good on college applications. 

C.I.T. Camp is an opportunity to provide leadership to younger campers while also having their own community and camp experiences, all with the mentorship and supervision of our youth development staff.


Mini Camp

Mini-Camp is a 3 day/2 night experience for rising 1st-3rd graders. This is a great introductory program for campers who are not old enough to attend traditional 4-H camp or may thrive with a shorter length camp. Mini-Camp will be in smaller groups with higher ratios of staff to campers.


Specialty Camp

We offer two week-long (Sunday afternoon-Friday evening) specialty camps: Shooting Sports & Ranch. During these programs campers will spend half their day in they area of focus working on skill development and the other half doing traditional camp activities. This program is a great option for those with a special interest or goal to develop skills or just to try something different! Specialty Camps are for rising 6th-9th graders.

Staff FAQs 2024

Centers of Excellence

At Rock Springs Ranch we have developed three programmatic Centers of Excellence to spark learning and personal growth for 4-H groups, other youth and young adult organizations across the state, region and country. We believe the lessons learned here can create a foundation for success that will last far beyond their visit.



Leadership is more than simply authority. It means knowing how to listen, how to encourage the gifts in others, how to earn respect and stay true to yourself.

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Rock Springs Ranch - Conservation Badge


Conservation means being acutely aware of how our natural resources benefit humankind while at the same time nurturing and protecting those resources so they may continue to serve.

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Rock Springs Ranch - Sportsmanship Badge


Sportsmanship means meeting a challenge and doing your best. It’s also about encouraging the person next to you and sharing their own successes.

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Rock Springs Ranch - RSR Is At The Center of Fun Photo

RSR Is At The Center of Fun!

The programs and activities at 4-H Camp at Rock Springs are built around our three Centers of Excellence and the values of 4-H. We combine all the fun of traditional summer camp with foundational learning to create generations of engaged citizens.